Castel Sant’Angelo Tour

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Castel Sant'Angelo

Private tour of Castel Sant’Angelo and the Bridge of Angels

Castel Sant’Angelo was originally built between 123 and 139 AD as the monumental grave of the Roman Hadrian and was used as a tomb by the imperial families up until the death of the Emperor Caracalla.

In front of Castel Sant'Angelo

In front of Castel Sant'Angelo

Reused as a military outpost by the emperor Aurelian, the building was included into the defensive walls of the city and became from that date onwards a true fortress.

The name Castel Sant’Angelo dates back to the late 6th century because of the legendary miraculous apparition of the Archangel atop the Mausoleum, putting an end to a terrible plague.

From the late 14th century the Popes used it as a castle and built beautiful and elegant apartments within.

I will take you to the four corner bastions designated with the names of the Evangelists. We will climb the helical ramp that goes up through the core of the Roman structure. We will see the courtyard of the Angel and the Popes’ apartments.

You will finally enjoy a great view of Rome from the terrace of the Angel.