Jewish Ghetto and Cannaregio Food and Wine Tour in Venice

Explore the Jewish Ghetto highlights and food specialties

Plenty of great food, wine art and history!

Venture into one of Venice’s most alluring and historic districts on this Jewish Ghetto food tour. This fascinating ghetto is steeped in culture and has its own unique food traditions. It has even featured in the movie 'Merchant of Venice' with the famous actor Al Pacino.

During the tour we will visit Cannaregio with its numerous canals and charming bridges, magnificent ancient churches and much more! Along the way we will stop at 7 authentic Venetian restaurants and delis and have the opportunity to sample the delectable Italian ice cream.

We stop off at one of Venice’s unrivalled old coffee roaster’s; did you know that Venetians were the first to start drinking coffee imported from the Far East! Then, on we go, meandering through the many delightful 'vicoli' and 'piazze' of the Old Ghetto (Ghetto Vecchio). Our local guide is very knowledgeable and will keep you enthralled recounting the history of this magical district as well as imparting some mind-boggling and amusing facts and curiosities about the place.

No trip to the Jewish Ghetto would be complete without seeing the Rabbi’s House and the historic synagogues of Venice. We combine seeing these magnificent sites with a taste of traditional Jewish-Venetian dishes such as the famous Sarde al Saor and Artichoke Bottoms, served with a vibrant Kosher wine. Between sampling excellent food and wine we stroll along the 'fondamenta' a romantic promenade.

Food & Wine Specialties of Venice

Food & Wine Specialties of Venice

We then wend our way toward the Ponte di Rialto, the oldest of Venice’s 400 plus bridges where we will again stop for a bite to eat where the local residents and gondoliers dine. Here you will find something to delight the taste buds; creamy risotto and exquisite pasta dishes that you will not find anywhere else!

For those with a 'sweet tooth' we visit a typical original bakery where you can savour Zaeti, Buranelli and other local specialities. As our leisurely tour progresses you will be able to experience the breath-taking beauty of Venice by night; churches and 'vicoli' take on a different aspect and in the moonlight the canals sparkle like a glass prosecco.

For those who want to learn about the art, culture, history, food and wine of the Jewish Ghetto this tour is a must! Please come with an empty stomach so that you have plenty of room to savour the culinary delights of Venice. And… don’t forget your camera to record the fantastic memories of this truly unforgettable experience!

Tour Details

Price We offer discounts to large parties and kids. Contact us for more info.
Duration: 4 hours but we can customize the duration on your needs.
Sites included: Rialto Bridge, Campo San Giacometto, Rialto Fish and Fresh Produce Markets, Grand Canal, Campo San Bartolomeo, Marco Polo's House, Campo San Giovanni e Paolo, Chhurch of Sant Crisostomo, Campo Santa Marina and many more.
Meeting point: Details on the meeting point will be given to you after the booking
Weather restrictions: The tour takes places rain or shine
Dressing code: Comfortable shoes. During the tour there might be the chance to visit some churches. In order to enter them shoulders and knees have to be covered. Shorts and skirts are fine, but below knees.
Age groups Suitable to everybody
Specials: You will not be hearded in large groups and you will have a great guide only for you!