Reviews & feedback

We have just spent most of the day with Bruno doing two of his tours. First we did a three hour private tour of the Vatican, Sistene Chapel and Basilica. Bruno was able to help us avoid the crowds and was so knowledgeable about the history of the Vatican and how it came to be. It was an amazing experience and we learnt so much. Then we caught a taxi with Bruno to meet up with some other people who were joining us on the Walking Food Tour. Bruno did warn us to pace ourselves as we were going to be given a lot of food. I did limit my portions and by the time we got halfway through the tour I was so full! The wine was delicious! The food was plentiful and delicious. And in between each eatery we walked past beautiful ruins and churches and Bruno gave us so much interesting information about each place. We both feel that our experience today has been so worthwhile and so enjoyable and truly has been the highlight of our 10 days in Italy. If in Rome you MUST do a tour (or two) with Bruno!

Richard N., Queensland, Australia

The private Vatican Museum/Sistine Chapel/St. Peter’s Basillica tour my husband and I took with Bruno was exceptional. He was professional, intelligent, friendly, knowledgeable and had a sense of humor. His passion for his city and his work was contagious. He was able to share his vast knowledge on Roman history and culture in a simple, intellectual and interesting way. We liked him so much that we ended up joining him on his wonderful food tour in the Jewish Ghetto that same evening. We enjoyed the food very much, and, in particular, spending the evening being educated by Bruno on Roman food and culture. Thanks, Bruno, for a wonderful experience. We have no reservation recommending Bruno to anyone.

Elliot T. Portland, Oregon

We took an afternoon guided tour of the Vatican museum and St Peters Basilica with Bruno. We bypassed queues and were whisked efficiently to the start of the tour. Bruno has a warmth and charm that is contagious. He has an in depth knowledge of Roman history and a wealth of fascinating facts and uses his trusty ipad to share them with you. The museum is so vast you could easily miss some of the must see treasures and Bruno ensures that you see the best of the best. Highly reccomended and well worth the price.

Jayne J. United Kingdom

We booked a private tour of the Vatican Museum and St Peter’s with Bruno. Having visited St Peter’s before, we had high expectations but the tour with Bruno took our enjoyment to new levels.
The level of knowledge, context, humour and passion that came from Bruno was exceptional. There is so much to see that I would imagine it impossible for anyone to fully appreciate it without a tour guide.
We have done many tours in many places and this one with Bruno was our favourite.
We will be returning to Roma again and will be calling Bruno!

Sean K. Accrington, United Kingdom

A superb and informative tour filled with fascinating facts all imparted in a knowledgeable and informal way that made the tour educational and fun. The use of the iPad to show details of paintings and maps etc. was a great addition. I would recommend Bruno and his team to anyone interested in visiting Rome and learning about it’s past.

Paul D. Manchester, UK

My family and I (6 adults) booked three private tours with Bruno. The food tour (separate review), the Vatican Tour and the Coloseum Tour. We could not have made a better choice. Bruno is a knowledgeable, articulate an warm individual. He made these places come alive with interesting facts and observations. He customized both tours to address our particular individual interests. The extent and depth of his knowledge is impressive. When we travel, we always book individual, private tours. I have to say Bruno is one of the best.

Barbara C. New York, USA

He is an exceptionally knowledgeable tour guide. Even though the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica are mobbed, we felt that we were in a sea of calmness with Bruno. His command of the English language was perfect and the use of the I Pad to illustrate points was useful. I would not hesitate to go any of Bruno’s tours.

Susan Fern, Colorado, USA

Bruno is THE guide for a private tour @ the Vatican City. His passion for history and knowledge surprises and inspires me. He has a great sense of humour with analogies between the ancient Rome history and modern politics. I appreciate the effort he took to show us pictures and explained the background behind Sistine Chapel prior to touring the Chapel. It was an “ah ha” moment for me as I was able to better relate what I saw in the Sistine Chapel. I too will strongly recommend him to anyone who wants an interesting & enjoyable tour in Rome.

June F. Singapore

Bruno was an excellent guide and highly reccomend him. The information he provided was very interesting and there wasn’t a question asked that didn’t have a detailed answer. I would definitely book again without hesitation. We look forward to next time!

Richard B. Atlanta, USa