Tivoli Villa D'Este and Hadrian's Palace tour

A fantastic trip through Ancient monuments, gardens, water games and fountains!

There is more than one reason why the Emperors and then Popes, Cardinals and Princes have chosen Tivoli as summer residential area.

The gentle hills, nice fresh breeze, rich land to grow olives and wine and the abundance of water have always made Tivoli a gifted place to settle. Located only few miles east of Rome is a perfect destination for a one day leave from the chaos of the big city.

We will pick you up in the morning from your accomodation with a comfortable new vehicle. We will reach Tivoli in 40 min driving along the Ancient Tibirtina road that is still today flanked by monuments and ruins. If you are interested we can stop on the way to see the famous travertine stone quarries that have been exploited for centuries and supplied the material for building the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and other great constructions including the Basilica of Saint Peter. The quarries are still used today.

Our next stop will be Hadrian's Villa. It was the summer palace of one of the greatest Roman Caesars who spent more than 15 years in building it. The Villa spreads over 120 hectares featuring some of the most spectacular works of Ancient architecture. In fact, Hadrian was a traveller and in his palace built imitations of some of the most interesting structures he had seen around the Empire, a collection of wonders that are still impressive today 2000 years later. You will visit the Canopus, the Maritime Theatre, the Thermal Baths, the Pecile and all the highlights of the villa including statues, mosaics and gardens.

Hercules Temple in Tivoli

Hercules Temple in Tivoli

Our trip continues to Villa Gregoriana, an amazing park with waterfalls, ponds and grottos located in the heart of Tivoli. We will have lunch near the Temple of Hercules enjoying a great view of the park. After tasting the local food specialties we will have a relaxing walk through the old town stopping by the Castle.

Most of the afternoon will be spent visiting the most famous atteaction in Tivoli: Villa D'Este. This Renaissance palace built by Cardinal Ippolito D'Este is one of Europe most romantic and beautiful sites. Its rooms are painted with colorful frescoes by the followers of Michelangelo and Raphael and its gardens feature marvelous fountains water games and statues designed by the best Italian artists of the time.

You will not have a dull moment in Tivoli nor you will ever feel rushed or tired. All the sites we will visit are surroundered by a pleasant vegetation and quietness that will make you regret going back home. Our driver will take you back to your accommodation whenever you feel ready. You will live memorable monents and take awesome pictures in Tivoli. Do not forget to include this day trip in your Italian holiday!.

Tour Details

Price We offer discounts to large parties and kids. Contact us for more info.
Duration: Full-day (approximately 7 hours) but we can customize the duration on your needs.
Sites included: Hadrian's Villa, Maritime Theatre, Canupus, Pecile, Thermal Baths, Villa Gregoriana, Waterfalls, Temple of Hercules, Old Town, Castle, Villa D'Este, Gardens.
Meeting point: Details on the meeting point will be given to you after the booking
Weather restrictions: The tour takes places rain or shine
Dressing code: Comfortable shoes. Do not forget the camera to take amazing pictures!/td>
Age groups Suitable to everybody
Specials: You will not be hearded in large groups and you will have a great guide only for you!