Underground Rome Tour

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Tour of the Crypts, Catacombs and other subterranean of Rome

Catacombs, crypts, subterraneans…the soil of Rome hides an entire buried city to be discovered!

In the Catacombs

In the Catacombs

I will take you on a fascinating and unique journey down to the mysterious undergrounds of Rome, layer below layer until we reach the bottom and the ruins of the ancient world still partially covered.

We will visit the Crypt of the Capuchins, where more than 4000 skeletons of friars are exposed in exceptional wall decorations to provide you a message: life is short and death should not be feared. It is just a passageway to a better life.

Another stop that nobody should miss on this visit to Rome is the Church of St. Clemens and its underground. This Basilica was built above an Ancient Roman house, a Mithraic Temple and an older church.

The tour will end at the Cathedral of St. John, Rome’s oldest catholic church. It is the site where the Popes lived for 1000 years before they moved to Avignon and to the Vatican.

If you are afraid of bones and closed spaces do not take this tour!

3 Responses to “Underground Rome Tour”

  1. Susan Mitchem says :

    Do u have a group catacombe tour tomorrow June 11? 3 persons.
    Email me ASAP. Thanks

  2. Karen dybeck says :

    My husband & I are visiting Rome for the first time(we are from Australia) & would like to take a tour of important/interesting sites.
    What would you suggest & how much would it cost in total for the 2 of us???
    Thank you so much

  3. Bob swain says :

    In Rome afternoon of 27 August and have trip with friends set up from 0930-1230 to Vatican and basilica. Need to know if you have a food tour and colleseum/other sites tour available that fits into that timeframe. Thanks