Angels & Demons Tour

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The Illuminati ambigram

Let me take you on the footsteps of Professor Langdon to decipher Ancient symbols, discover intriguing mysteries and explore sacred sites.

One of the altars of Science

One of the altars of Science

Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Galileo Galilei were two Masters of the Illuminati, one of the most influential secret societies in history.

They scattered and hid in the Eternal City clues and puzzles that, once deciphered, would lead Illuminati novices to a secret lair

The four altars of science, representing the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and a mysterious text by John Milton are the main clues that, when solved, will allow you to walk the Path of Illumination step by step.

The Illuminati Lair

The Illuminati Lair

I invite you to follow me on an unforgettable visit during which you will discover the architectural and artistic treasures of extraordinary beauty and ingenuity. Walking through picturesque alleyways and the most beautiful squares in Rome you will discover know the secrets of the Illuminati who have made ​​the book by Dan Brown, an international best seller.

What is truly historic? What is not? How accurate is the book?

We will find the answer to all these questions…

Places visited:

– Church of Santa Maria Del Popolo
– St. Peter’s Square
– Church of  Santa Maria Della Vittoria
– Piazza Navona
– The Pantheon
– Castel Sant’Angelo
– “The Passetto” (from outside)
– Piazza del Popolo
– Piazza della Repubblica
– The Baths of Diocletian

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  1. frank says :

    want a private for 3-4 hours Angle and Demon tour for 2 persons. July 1/12 starting at 9:00am. Also,is their a night tour avilable, if so,, which tour would be better. Please price both.