Bruno's Food Tours in Italy

Food & Wine Tour

Jewish Ghetto to Navona Food and Wine Tour in Rome

Let me take you on a guided sightseeing tour around the Jewish Ghetto and Piazza Navona. On out itinerary we will stop at more than 7 different restaurants and delis to eat and drink the best food and wine in Rome. Not to miss!
Naples Food Tour

Naples Food and Wine Tour

On this food and art guided tour we combine sightseeing with eating and drinking. You will visit Piazza Plebiscito, the City Castle, the Decumani and taste spaghetti, pizza, coffee and all the great food that Neapolitans make best!
NRialtoFood Tour

Rialto Food and Wine Tour in Venice

Explore the city center of Venice, the thriving Rialto markets, the art, the monuments, the food and the wine of one of the most charming places on earth. Plenty of great food, wine and sightseeing served by your favorite local guide!
Jewish Ghetto Food Tour in Venice

Jewish Ghetto Food and Wine Tour in Venice

Visit one of Venice's most charming areas lit up at night and taste traditional local food and wine served by authentic osterias and typical producers. Eat, drink and sightsee through the streets, canals and bridges of the Jewish Ghetto and Cannaregio district in Venice.!