Skip-the-lines Ancient Herculaneum Tour

Visit Roman villas of antiquity!

A wonderful couple with us in Herculaneum

A wonderful couple with us in Herculaneum

Don’t miss your chance to reserve a place on the 2.5-hour walking tour of Herculaneum, an ancient town devastated by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Many have heard of Pompeii, but fewer realize that the wealthier Herculaneum is visible through excavations, and is also a treasure trove of history and beauty.

Buried by 60 feet of ash, the ruins of Herculaneum lay buried until 18th century excavation revealed the homes, furnishings and art of a once thriving, opulent city by the sea. Today it is the focus of conservation efforts and affords visitors a rare glimpse into daily life in the ancient Roman Empire.

Classic frescoes and mosaics have retained much color and are truly a sight to behold. Your tour includes visits to the House of the Mosaic Atrium, the House of Neptune and Amphitrite and the House of the Deer. Continuing on our walk we will visit the Decumanus, the Palestra, the Basilica and the Thermal Baths of the Forum.

With a native guide fluent in English, your historic tour will educate and entertain you as you walk through villas and imagine life as it was. The scenery is breathtaking at the foot of Mt. Vesuvius by the Bay of Naples. The ruins are a World Heritage Site and they lie in the modern community of Ercolano.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating sights on the tour is the carbonized wood. Furnishings and wood framing appear as original, and are among the oldest elements in the ruins.

Come prepared to walk on irregular terrain and if it’s summer, it could get quite hot. Walking shoes and hats or umbrellas are recommended. It will be an archaeological trek to remember.

Book the Herculaneum Walking Tour early. This is one Roman attraction you’re sure to enjoy.

Tour Details

Price We offer discounts to large parties and kids. Contact us for more info.
Duration: Half-day or full-day
What is includes: House of the Mosaic Atrium, the House of Neptune and Amphitrite, the House of the Deer, the Decumanus, the Palestra, the Basilica,the Thermal Baths of the Forum and much more.
Meeting point: Details on the meeting point will be given to you after the booking
Weather restrictions: The tour takes places rain or shine
Dressing code: Comfortable, you will be walking on lava stone! Bring a bottle of water with you and a hat in the hot summer days.
Age groups Suitable for everybody
Specials: You will not be standing in the entrance line and you will have a great guide only for you!