Namesakes tour – from Latin to English

by / Saturday, 02 June 2012 / Published in Tours in Rome

Did you know that approximately 60% of our common everyday English vocabulary today comes from Latin?

The original "forum"

The original "forum"

On this unique tour you will discover the origin of more that 100 words that are based on  Ancient Roman history and language.

I will take you to the Forum where we will visit the ancient meeting square of Rome, the ancestor of all our on-line forums today.

We will see the rostrum  and hear about Ancient Roman orators running for elections that were named after their bright white toga –  bright white in Latin is candidus, hence canditates.

We will walk by the temple of Saturn, the god of time, from whom we have got our week day saturday and the planet name.

Gladiolus from "gladius"

Gladiolus from "gladius"

We will climb up to the Capitolium hill – the one in Washington takes the name from it – and see the ruins of the Temple of Juno Moneta and the mint nearby that produced the first monetae – money in history.

Then we will visit the Colosseum and learn about gladiators shows and the weapons they were using, especially the gladius, their dagger and the vagina, their scabbard, from which we got the words for the flower gladiolus and the female sex organ.